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Vacuum gas furnace

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High temperature vacuum sintering furnace
High temperature vacuum sintering furnace
High temperature vacuum sintering furnace equipment is suitable for ceramic, 
metal products and vacuum sintering MIM/PM stainless steel products, 
the highest temperature can reach 1600 ℃, limiting vacuum cold empty 
furnace top 10-3 pa 6.7 x or less.Available in vacuum and low pressure
liquid heat treatment under protective atmosphere or sintering work,
implementation within the same furnace burning, sintering, cooling and 
other production processes a one-time, particularly suited to the product 
sintering experiment

IMain Specification
Rated power(KW) 30(Real adjustable power)
Power supply(V) 380  50Hz
Heating area and furnace 
temperature uniformity
Control temp method PID electronic control
Rated temp(℃) 1600(≤30 minutes)
Max working temp(℃) 1500
Heating element High temperature molybdenum
Outside furnace surface temp ≤35℃
Max loading material 1-2kgs,or according to raw material density
Working chamber size (mm) 150×150×260
Rising temperature running time(hour) Around 3 hours
Empty limiting cold vacuum furnace  ≤6.7×10-3Pa
Rising rate ≤0.67Pa/h
Atmosphere requirements Nitrogen, argon, vacuum
Cooling water rated pressure 0.1~0.2M Pa  Flow 0.4T/hours
Instrument air pressure 0.5~0.7MPa
Noise <65 

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