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Nitriding plasma furnace

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LDMC-200A Ion Plasma Nitriding Furnace for heating stainless
LDMC-200A Ion Plasma Nitriding Furnace for heating stainless
The Nitriding Furnace equipment description:
Ion Plasma Nitriding furnace is mainly used for ion nitriding, ion nitrogen carburizing (soft nitriding)
plasma chemical heat treatment process of mechanical parts, surface modification of mechanical parts,
to obtain the required mechanical and physical and chemical properties.The whole set of equipment consists
of ion power supply, automatic control system, vacuum furnace body, vacuum acquisition system,
temperature measurement and control system and air supply system 。

LDMC-200A Pulse ion nitriding furnace main parameters :
Output voltage :                   0-900V Continuous adjustable
Maximum output average current :    200A
Peak pulse current :                400A
Pulse frequency:                   1000Hz
Furnace working chamber size:       φ1700×1500mm
Working temperature:               ≦650℃
The rated load:                      3000KG
Limited vacuum:                  ≤6.67Pa
Rising rate:                      ≤0.13Pa/min
Pumping to 20Pa cost time:         ≤30min
Arcing time:                      ≤15μs
Control temperature precision:        ±1℃
Control pressure precision:              ±1Pa
The technological process:                Automatic control

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