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Nitriding plasma furnace

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LDMC-100A Large capacity chamber plasma gas nitriding furnac
LDMC-100A Large capacity chamber plasma gas nitriding furnac
1.LDMC  Pulse glow ionic nitriding furnace
Pulse has rapid arc starting and permeating rate .The adjustable range of working
air pressure is approximately at 20%-30% compare to the DC .And it is suitable for
the complex workpieces which has high requirements of surface,many groove .
it is frequently-used glow ionic nitriding furnace equipment nowadays.

2.LDMC Direct-current and pulse nitriding furnace
It is a Nitriding equipment which has the features for direct-current and pulse equipment.

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Model LD(MC)-30 LD(MC)-50 LD(MC)-75 LD(MC)-100 LD(MC)-150
Maximum average output current 30A 50A 75A 100A 150A
Maximum peak output current 60A 100A 150A 200A 300A
Max nitride area 60000c㎡ 100000c㎡ 150000c㎡ 200000c㎡ 300000c㎡
Max loading weight 300kgs 500kgs 800kgs 1200kgs 2000kgs
Output supply 30KW 50KW 75KW 100KW 150KW
Output status Rectangular web
Frequency 1000HZ
The arc velocity ≤20 Microsecond
Control method Fixed frequency width
Occupy space rate 0-85% continue adjustable

Furnace system main specification
Model LD(MC)-30 LD(MC)-50 LD(MC)-75 LD(MC)-100 LD(MC)-150
Working chamber Ø600*800 Ø700*900 Ø1000*1200 Ø1200*1400 Ø1400*1400
Max Working temperature 650℃
Common working temp 500±50℃
Ultimate vacuum ≤6.7Pa
Pressure rising rate ≤0.13Pa/min



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