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LDMC-30A plasma nitriding furnace for alloy steel


  • Nitriding furnace introduce:
    Glow ionic nitriding furnace includes ionic triding and lon-carbonitriding .
    glow ionic nitriding furnace can significantly enhances the surface
    hardness of steel parts,resistance to damage,fatigue and corrosion;
    because it has the advantages for energy saving, save gas,
    high efficiency, good quality, no pollution, etc. It has been
    applied widely in power, machine tools, petrochemical
    machinery, textile machinery, mold and other industries.
1.LDMC  Pulse glow ionic nitriding furnace
Pulse has rapid arc starting and permeating rate .
The adjustable range of working air pressure is approximately at 20%-30%
compare to the DC .And it is suitable for the complex workpieces which has
high requirements of surface,many groove .it is frequently-used glow ionic
nitriding furnace equipment nowadays.
Model LD(MC)-30 LD(MC)-50 LD(MC)-75 LD(MC)-100 LD(MC)-150
Working chamber Ø600*800 Ø700*1000 Ø900*1200 Ø1200*1500 Ø1500*1500
Max Working temperature 650℃
Common working temp 500±50℃
Ultimate vacuum ≤6.7Pa/30Min
Pressure rising rate ≤0.13Pa/min

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