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Laboratory microwave and atmos

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vacuum atmosphere furnace
vacuum atmosphere furnace
vacuum atmosphere furnace is our new product through long research
and improvement. LCD touch screen, more easy to set the temperature
program. It integrate the heating system, mixing gas system, vacuum
system, circulating cooling system, monitoring system. The machine
with multi-functions can meet the most requirement of customers.

Type SH-1200T SH--1400T SH-1700T
Chamber Size 250*250*300mm
Max temperature 1200℃ 1400℃ 1700℃
Working temperature 1100℃ 1300℃ 1600℃
Heating Rate 0~20℃/min 0~20℃/min 0~20℃/min
Temperature accuracy ±1℃ ±1℃ ±1℃
Heating elements Fe-Cr-Al-Mo wire SiC heater MoSi2 heater
Furnace chamber Imported high pure polycrystalline alumina fiber, excellent heat preservation
Temperature control mode The temperature control system uses artificial intelligence technology, with PID control, self - tuning function , 50 the heating and cooling program
Heating rate Max 50℃/min.common 20-30℃/mi
Constant temperature accuracy ±1℃
Furnace Chamber Alumina ceramic fiber board
Furnace Structure   Double shell with fan cooling
Max vacuum -0.08 MPa
voltage 110-415V 50/60Hz
Package dimension 600*670*910mm
Net weight 230kgs
Gross weight 270kgs
Delivery time 20-30 days

Standard chamber size

150x150x150mm (6"x6"x6")                   150x150x200mm (6"x6"x8")
200x200x200mm (8"x8"x8")                    200x200x300mm (8"x8"x12")
250x250x300mm (10"x10"x12")              300x300x400mm (12"x12"x16")
350x350x400mm (14"x14"x16")              350x350x400mm (14"x14"x16")
500x500x500mm (20"x20"x20")              600x600x600mm (24"x24"x24")
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