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  • Working principle of glove box
    The principle of the glove box is that under the control and monitor of the PLC,
    the working gas inside glove box goes through the blower, pipe lines and purifier
    (Moisture and Oxygen Absorber) to form a closed circulation. 
    When working gas goes through the purifier, its H2O and O2 will be absorbed before
    it circulates back to the box. With the continuous circulation, the H2O and O2 level will
    be lowered to reach a level of < 1ppm. The purifier eventually will be saturated after a
    certain time circulating. It can then be renewed by doing a process called “regeneration.” 
Glove Box Body
Dimensions: 48"W x 29.5"D x 70.8"H;
 Single-sided box with 2 gloves on one side;
 Pipes made of polished Stainless Steel;
 Type 304 Stainless Steel Housing, acid resistant, 3mm thickness;
 Windows, Safety glass;
 Glove ports material: POM materials;
 Shelves, Stainless, 2 layers, mounted inside;
External Fluorescent lights, 1 set;
1 electrical feed through, 3 blind-flanges - KF 40.

Gas purification system
 Removal of H2O and O2;
 Container material: Stainless Steel 1.4301 (US Type 304);
 Absorber unit: Copper catalyst: 5Kg or more;
 Molecular sieve: 5Kg or more;
 Attainable purity: H2O<1ppm, O2<1ppm;
o  Circulation blower: 90m3/h, with frequency converter;
o  Regeneration, PLC automatic control all process including heating, filling mix gas (working gas / 5-10%H2 mixture), etc.

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