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Nitrogen gas ball mill

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-40 dgree cyrogenic low temperature planetary ball mill
-40 dgree cyrogenic low temperature planetary ball mill
Product Description:
Planetary Cryogenic ball mill is mixed, fine grinding, sample preparation,
dispersion of nano material, new product development and small batch
production of high technology materials necessary device. The product has
the advantages of small volume, complete function, high efficiency,
low noise, scientific research units, universities, corporate laboratories
to obtain micro particles of sample (each experiment can also get four
samples) the ideal equipment is equipped with vacuum ball milling tank,
under the vacuum state grinding specimen.
Name                  Laboratory Cryogenic Mill Ball 4L
Model YD-XQM-4L Liquid Nitrogen
Capacity 1*4=4L
Style Planetary
Max Loading capacity 3/4 (ball bearing) of ball mill capacity
Transmission mode: Gear drive
The rated speed(r/min): The 2L: Revolution: 290 rpm, 580 RPM rotation:
Control speed method: Frequency
Control method: Program control, automatic timing, reverse; automatic timing shutdown
Feed particle size(mm) Crisp material <10mm,other material <3mm
Grain size(μm): 《0.1μm
Grinding environment working temperature -40℃~20℃
Unite time consumption nitrogen (0-10℃): 4-5L/hrs
Ball mill dimension: 750*480*520mm
Net Weight: 130KG
Liquid Nitrogen bottle size (30L) φ600*1000mm
Liquid nitrogen bottle weight 55KG


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