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Low temperature 5 degree cooling ball mill machine


  • The working principle of
    Planetary ball mill is on the same panel is equipped with 4 ball pot,
    when the panel turns, ball mill pot around the rotary shaft orbit rotates
    around its own axis at the same time, as a planetary motion.Tank
    grinding balls collide with each other in the high speed movement,
    grinding and mixed samples.The product can be used dry, wet
    grinding and mixing of the two methods particle is different,
    different material products, abrasive products minimum
    size to 0.1 microns (namely 10. * 10 mm - 4).
    Work style: two or four ball mill jars
Name Small size Planetary Ball Mill 
Model DW-XQM
Capacity 250ml *4=1 L
Grinding ways Dry grinding /wet grinding/High energy alloyed grinding/vacuum grinding/low temperature grinding for optional
Loading and unloading method Intermittent type
Transmission mode: Gear drive and belt drive
Control system Frequency conversion control system, touch screen control system
Rated voltage(V): 220
Rated power(W): 750
Feed particle size(mm) Soil material≤10mm, other materials≤3mm
Discharge particle size(μm): 《0.1μm,or 100nm,Min. As 0.1um
Ball mill material Agate, zirconia, alumina ceramic, hard alloy, stainless steel, high chrome steel, nylon, PP tank, PTFE, polyurethane, custom
Ball size(mm): 0.5、1、2、3、5、7、10、15、20 
Ball ratio: (2~10):1
Net Weight: 200KG  540*360*380mm
Environment temperature 5℃
Use gas capacity 4-5L/hour
Air cooling chiller 110kgs

Model Capacity (ml) Jar qty(pc) Frequency power(KW) Positive and reverse turn operation cycle selection(min) Speed r/min Noise≤db(A)
The revolution (adjustable) Rotation (adjustable)
DW-XQM-0.4 50ml 2/4 0.55 1-9999 30-450 60-900 《60db
DW-XQM-1L 100ml 2/4 0.55 1-9999 30-400 60-800 《60db
DW-XQM-2L 250ml 2/4 0.75 1-9999 30-400 60-800 《60db
DW-XQM-4L 1000ml 2/4 0.55 1-9999 30-400 60-800 《60db
DW-XQM-8L 2000ml 2/4 0.75 1-9999 30-400 60-800 《60db
DW-XQM-12L 3000ml 2/4 0.55 1-9999 30-400 60-800 《60db
DW-XQM-16L 4000ml 2/4 0.75 1-9999 30-400 60-800 《60db

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