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Stainless steel jar

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500ml vacuum stainless steel grinding pot with different gri
500ml vacuum stainless steel grinding pot with different gri

Application range of stainless steel jar of planetary ball mill:

Stainless steel ball mill jars can be widely used in precious metal materials,
electronic materials, pigment coatings, magnetic materials, and other industries.
The stainless steel grinding
jar produced by our company is sealed with reasonable
and unique
jar mouth tooling, which is easy to open, tightly sealed, beautiful in
appearance, strong and durable. In use, there will be no gaps, leakage, dead corners
and other undesirable phenomena, and ultra-fine materials with narrow fineness
distribution can be processed in a short time.


3. Features of 304 stainless steel ball mill jar for planetary ball mill:

1. Smooth and clean appearance

2. Strong oxidation resistance

3. The anti-rust performance is stronger than 200 series stainless steel materials

4. Excellent stainless corrosion resistance

5. Better resistance to intergranular corrosion

6. It is also better in terms of high temperature resistance

7. Long service life

8 . High grinding efficiency

4. Vacuum stainless steel grinding jars technical parameters:
Capacity Outer diameter Height without lid Height with lid Thickness
250ml 119mm 76mm 83mm 8mm
500ml 135mm 90mm 100mm 8mm
Note: Just for reference, different batch production jars dimensions may have small differences.
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