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360 degree low temperature planetary ball mill grinding mach


  • QM-QX full range of ball mill is mixing, fine grinding, sample preparation,
    development of new products and small batch production of high
    technology materials necessary device. 
The product has the advantages of small volume, complete function,
high efficiency, low noise, scientific research units, universities,
corporate laboratories obtain research samples (each experiment
can also get four samples) the ideal equipment is equipped with
vacuum ball milling tank, under vacuum or inert gas protection state
grinding specimen. The product can be used dry, wet two methods of
grinding and mixing different sizes of different materials, different products,
the smallest size of abrasive products can be 0.1 micron (ie, 1 x 10-4mm).
Widely used in soil, geology, minerals, metallurgy, electronics, building
materials, ceramics, chemical, light industry, medicine, environmental
protection and other departments.
Model Specification Can with ball milling tank Remarks
Capacity(ml) QtyPiece
QMQX—0.4L 0.4L 50-100 4 with 50ml vacuum ball milling tank
QMQX—1L 1L 50-250 4 with 50ml-100ml vacuum ball milling tank
QMQX—2L 2L 50-500 4 with 50-250ml vacuum ball milling tank
QMQX—4L 4L 50-1000 4 with 100-250ml vacuum ball milling tank
QMQX—8L 8L 500-2000 4 with 250-1000ml vacuum ball milling tank
QMQX-12 12L 1000-3000 4 with 500-2000ml vacuum ball milling tank
QMQX-16 16L 1000-4000 4 with 500-3000ml vacuum ball milling tank
QMQX-20L 20L 1000-5000 4 with 1000-4000ml vacuum ball milling tank
YXQM-40L 40L 4000-10000 4 with 3000-9000ml vacuum ball milling tank
YXQM-60L 60L 6000-15000 4 with 5000-13000ml vacuum ball milling tank
YXQM-100L 100L 10000-25000 4 with 9000-18000ml vacuum ball milling tank

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