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360 degree direction ball mill

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Whole rotation planetary ball mill grinding machine
Whole rotation planetary ball mill grinding machine
Full range of ball mill is a four ball milling tank is arranged on the market.
When the market turns (revolution), ball milling tank in its orbit for rotation,
market and the ball milling tank in planetary motion at the same time,
but also in a three-dimensional space range do 360 degree tipping
bucket type flip, can be setting on any directional fixed-point operation.
The grinding materials more uniform fine, and can solve the
problem of tank bottom and sticky part of the material.
Main Host: 1 set SMQX-20L,Net weight:350kg.
Grinding tank: 4 piece 4 piece 5L tank
Material :Stainless steel
Grinding ball: 4 sets Relative grinding ball size ,0.5、1、2、3、5、7、10、15、20 for optional
Pressure bar: 4 sets With our pressure bar then you needn’t wrench
Ball material separation sieve: 1 set Ball material for separation one time, convenient and practical (optional)。
Gear oil: 1 bottle Special for our product.
Power wire: 1 piece Cable length 2m
Sealed ring: 4 pieces Flat seal pad 4 piece, material: corrosion resistant sealing pad.
 Instruction: 2 set Instruction and maintain book。


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