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SR50 Parallel evaporator
SR50 Parallel evaporator
SR50 Parallel evaporator
The parallel evaporator is a small instrument which can quickly concentrate and evaporate large quantities of samples under
high temperature and low pressure.Under the simultaneous action of vacuum pumping (pressure control)/heating/vortex
oscillation, batch samples (6 tubes) are automatically evaporated to dry, and the evaporation process is automatically
stopped after the evaporation is completed.
The parallel evaporator can be used in combination with a variety of sample pre-treatment equipment such as solid
phase extraction unit, automatic cable extraction device, etc.The exhaust gas is pumped out through the cold water
reflux device through the vacuum pump, and the waste liquid is collected without being carried out under the fume
hood to reduce the pollution to the experimental environment.

Product Features:
1. Concentration method: high efficiency oscillating scroll type reduced pressure concentration,
2. Adopt high-definition color touch control panel, microcomputer control, provide higher brightness, higher contrast.
3. One key to start the function, the whole process at one go, high degree of automation.
4. One-key preheating makes the experimental parameters more stable and the operation faster.
5. Imported pressure reducing valve automatic vacuum release, easy and safe operation, with automatic switching function.
6. Number of tubes: 12 15/50ml high thermal conductivity glass tubes.
7. Speed range: 300rpm to 700rpm/min adjustable.
8. Timing range: 99:59:59 adjustable.
9. High efficiency water bath heating system, high heat conductivity, temperature setting range: room temperature -+60℃,
1℃ increasing, accuracy ±3℃.
10. System design safety: power off automatic vacuum relief, protect the safety of samples.
11. Parameters can be modified at any time during operation, simple and fast.
12. Configuration: host SR50, cooling water circulation device, vacuum diaphragm pump, high efficiency condensing
tower and bracket, vacuum tube and clips, 50 15ml, 50ml high thermal conductivity glass tubes each.
13. With vacuum gauge head.
14. Visualization of the whole process of sample concentration.
15. The bracket rotates 360 degrees to facilitate personnel to load and drop samples at appropriate positions.
16. Internal pipe constant temperature system to prevent pipe residue.
17. Touch and button two sets of control mode, to meet the preferences of more people.
18. When the water temperature is 50 degrees, the evaporation rate of water is 5ML/10min, the evaporation rate of
methanol is 30ml /10min, and the evaporation rate of acetonitrile is 24ML/10min

Model SR50 Parallel evaporator
Working temperature range Normal temp to +60℃
Temp.adjust precision ±1℃
Max Speed 300-700r/min
Sample stir The vortex shock
Tube capacity and qty 12pc 15/50ml
Power 400W
Dimension(LXDXH) 430x320x530mm
Weight 25kgs
Power supply 220V 50Hz/60Hz 10A
Standard accessory Main machine, high efficiency condensing tower and bracket, vacuum tube and clip

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