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TD5T/LT6Y Petroleum centrifuge


  • TD5T/LT6Y Petroleum centrifuge

TD5T/LY6Y petroleum centrifuge is specially designed for measuring water and deposit in petroleum,
in line with GB/T6533-86 standards.It can be used for measuring water and deposit of the crude oil by 
separation method of centrifuge,as an ideal separation facility of water determination for oil exploitation 
and research units.
Even and fast heating with high precision control.
Controlled by the microcomputer and driven by the brushless DC motor of variable frequency and high 
torque,steady speed,reduced motor noise and no need of daily maintenance.
Steel-made structure with protections of hypervelocity and imbalance to ensure the safety of the user and he machine.
Two ways of display including PLC and LED for the user to choose,control parameters such as speed,temperature,
and duration can be freely set by the user and changed during the operation to achieve easier application.
Maximum capacity
4×250ml 4×8×15ml
Maximum rotate speed 5000r/min 5000r/min
Maximum centrifugal force 4200×g 4200×g
Rotate speed precision ±50r/min
Motor AC Motor
Control temperature range Control temperature range Room temperature +10℃~70℃ Control temperature range Room temperature +10℃~80℃
Temperature control precision ±2℃
Time range 0-99min
Noise ≤65dB
Power AC220V 50Hz
Weight 50kg
600×540×360mm  600×490×760mm

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