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Low speed centrifuge

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Mini Centrifuge
Mini Centrifuge
1H4K Mini low speed centrifuge

A standard piece of equipment used for separation and preparation
of liquids laden with suspended matter,this machine is suitable for
applications in labs and research institutes in such fields as biochemistry,
medical science,pharmacy,clinical trials,food and environment protection.

Model 1H4K 1H6K 1H10K
Max Speed(r/min) 4000 6000 10000
Maximum centrifugal force 900xg 2000xg 5000xg
Rotor Configuration 6x1.5/0.2ml 6x1.5/0.2/0.5ml    2x8x0.2ml 6x1.5/0.2/0.5ml    2x8x0.2ml
Weight 1.25kg 1.25kg 1.25kg
Dimension(LxWxH) 170x150x130mm 170x150x130mm 170x150x130mm

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