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HR26M High-speed Refrigerated centrifuge


  • HR26M High-speed Refrigerated centrifuge

    Mainly applied in a variety of fields such as biochemistry,medical treatment
    and public health,food safety,life science,forestry,animal husbandry,
    blood banks,blood stations,biological products and pharmaceutical
    products.It is the ideal equipment for separation,precipitation,
    concentration and preparation of samples and a high-tech product
    that can compare favorably with import ones and be exported in large quantities.

AV motor of variable frequency and high toque,free from contamination caused by carbon dust,which helps to prolong the service life.
Imported variable frequency drive system and automatic control system to ensure steady and reliable operation.
France-based Tecumseh's compressor unit is used for the refrigeration system which allows free temperature adjustments and 
achieves high-precision temperature controls and reduced noise.
Maximum capacity 4x1000ml.

Multiple protections such as overheat,hypervelocity,electronic locking,and imbalance.

Metallic structure with a stainless steel cavity,hence strong and durable.
Intelligent interface featured by a TFT true-color LCD widescreen touch monitor,micro-computure control and simultaneous
 indication of both the set parameters and operation ones.
 With 16 operation programs to be set by the user and the control parameters of the rotor to be modified at any time.
Operations can be programmed,10 levels of speed-up and speed-down time limits for the user to choose freely.
Can indicate the ascending and declining curves of the rotor,the centrifugal integral curves and the temperature curves.
Model HR26M
Max Capacity 4×1000ml
Max Speed(r/min) 25000 r/min
Max RCF(×g) 64983×g
Standard rotor 24×1.5/2.0ml
Speed precision ±30r/min
Temp.control range Frequency motor,micro control,direct driver
Refrigeration system Import fluoride-free compressor and control valve(R404a)
Operation programe 16
Temp.control range -20℃~+40℃
Temp.precision ±1℃
Timer range 0-99h59min
Power AC220V 50Hz
Nosie <68dB(A)
Model capacity speed(r/min) RCF(×g)
Angle rotor 24×1.5/2.0ml 25000 64983
18×10ml 23000 60460
8×50ml 21000 52356
4×250ml 15000 33800
6×250ml 14000 30070
6×500ml 10000 17700
4×1000ml 8000 12040

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