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BY-400 Coating Machine
BY-400 Coating Machine
The machine is used in the pharmaceutical industry to make
molded chip be coated uniformly and polished, also can be
used in food industry for candy pills or coating.
The coated tablet after polishing has the bright color surface,
and the complete fixed structure covering, which produced
from crystal sugar of the surface, can prevent the tablet chip
from oxidation, moisture or volatile, also can cover the
uncomfortable taste when take the tablet, it has some
effect with easy to identify the tablet and neutralize the
solution in the intestines and stomach and other.

Diameter of sugarcoating diameter 400 mm Capacity 5/time
The power of main motor 120W Roataion speed of sugarcoating dish 8-80r/min
 Air Volume of blowing machine 1.1m3/min Fan power 60W
Hot-blast outlet temperature 30-80m℃ Footprint area 560×360
Height 860 Weight 50㎏
Compressed air pressure 4-6kg/cm Electric heating power 900W


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