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KNW-A Low pressure stainless steel decocting machine


  • Low pressure stainless steel decocting machine adopts glass bucket decocting,
    the decocting process is clearly visible, decocting and packing combined,
    compact and reasonable. Beautiful and simple, save space;Stored in special
    storage of decoction liquid, automatically realized normal pressing and double
    decocting process;According to ancient, setting time, buzzer hint, simple
    implementation decocting first and then liquid out;strong heat and gentle
    heat automatic conversion, fit tightly over traditional slow fire and continue
    fire method of fire, ensure the medicine effectiveness.

Structure feature:
   1、Herbal decoction and packing together is the domestic initiative design in China,
it’s easy for doses,more convenient prescription,and fry for dosing and packaging。   
   2、Electrical control adopts digital technology,and has the bold digital display and
beeping sounds 。   
   3、Chinese Medicine docoction and filtering device,uses the high quality borosilicate
glass and stainless steel mesh precision。  
   4、Electric cabinet in a chamber on the right side,moderate height,free rotation,easy to
operate,waterproof and reliable。
   5、Adopts high adhesive strength,health special plastic film composite belt,and capacitor
installation,easy adjustment and operation 。
   6、Drug can be frying first and then set the function,meet all different demand prescriptions。
   7、Automatic type have two fried function,active ingredients fully extracted drugs,increase
decorating capacity。
   8. The whole machine design beautiful and compact,easy to transport and placement 。
Model  KN-A   KN-B  KN-C KN-D
Packaging production capacity(bag/min)   8 -9     8-9   8-9 8-9
Making bag size(L*W) 70*100-185*100 70*100-185*100 70*100-185*100 70*100-185*100
Bag pack capacity(ml)    70-300     70-300     70-300 70-300
Down and up roller set temp. Range ℃   100-199   100-199    100-199 100-199
Package qty set range(bag) 0-100 circulate  0-100 circulate  0-100 circulate 0-100 circulate
Rated voltage(V)   AC 220  AC 220   AC 220 AC 220
Decocting power(W)    1600*1    1600*2   1600*3 1600*4
Heating power(W)    800      800    800 800
Motor power(W)    25*2     25*2     25*2 25*2
Total power (W)    2450      4050    5650 7250
Dimension(L*W*H) 640*530*1120 1200*510*1180 1500*510*1180 1800*510*1180
Weight (Kg)      65       85      110 135
Tank capacity (ml)  20000*1  20000*2   20000*3 20000*4

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