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Pill maker machine

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DZ-2E Full automatic  pill making machine
DZ-2E Full automatic pill making machine
Mainly used in large, medium and small pharmaceutical and hospital
research departments to develop and small batch production, the
machine has the advantages of high efficiency and labor cost saving,
and is the preferred machine for a new type pharmaceutical factory.
Technical parameter
1. Function: It can produce honeyed pill, starched pill, watered pill,
concentrated pill, water-honeyed pill and wax pill and other pills,
and also can polish, coat and dry the pill.
2. Specification for making pills: Φ4mm、Φ5mm、Φ6mm、Φ7mm、
Φ8mm、Φ9mm、Φ10mm Finished pills (mold size can be customized)
3. Production capacity: Based on 6mm, 5-50kg/h  
4. Machine outside dimension: 1100mm * 600mm * 700mm (L * W * H)
5. Production Motor power:Y90-6 0.75 KW  910 r/min 
6. Speed regulating motor for making pill : YCT90-4B  300W
Range of Speed : 125 - 1250 r/min
7.Power: 220V /380V
8. Weight:120kg

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