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Crusher machine

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KN-08B Flow type crushing grinder machine
KN-08B Flow type crushing grinder machine
Continuous flow herb grinder, which is made of stainless steel,
adopt alloy cutter and gear grinding to grind and be filtered
through Steel sieve to reach 60-120 mesh.
This machine has the advantages of small volume, light weight,
high efficiency, convenient operation, energy saving, safe, etc,
it is the most ideal grinding equipment to making pearl powder
and capsule medicine pill.
This machine is suitable for Chinese medicine shop, hospital
pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine processing industry,
scientific research institutions, beauty salons and other powder
processing industry.


Main technical parameters
Feed diameter: less than 8mm
Grinding fineness: 60-120 mesh
Production capacity: 3-7kg /h (WM/Western medicine)
2-6kg/h (traditional Chinese Medicine)
Power: 220V 1300W
Speed: 2850 r/min
Size: 500x250x550mm
Net weight: 25kg

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