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Crusher machine

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30B type crushing grinder
30B type crushing grinder
Mini type Chinese medicine crushing machine

using ultra-high speed fine motor and high-grade
bearing supporting, can quickly crush all kinds of
hard and soft materials,such as: ganoderma lucidum,
ginseng, panax notoginseng, etc.;Applicable to the
TCM pharmacy, pharmacy, traditional Chinese
medicine plants, etc.This machine has small volume,
high efficiency, easy operation, with delicate,
save electricity, safety, etc., is the most ideal
crushing equipment system capsule pills.


The unit is suitable for pharmaceutical,
chemical, food and other industries,
it is a new generation of crushing
equipment with advanced domestic level.

Production capacity: 100-300 kg / hour
Crushing fineness: 60-120 mesh
Powder size: 10 * 10 * 10mm
Electric power: pulverizer 7.5kW, fan 1.5kw
Spindle speed: 3800 r/min


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